The priorities of the campaign will increase our capacity to put more Bennington-educated agents of change out into the world. One hundred million dollars of our campaign goal is designated for the endowment - this is an unprecedented undertaking. By building resources that will support our faculty, students, and facilities in perpetuity, Bennington's signature programs that make our education so distinctive, will thrive.

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Field Work Term

Company executives who typically only engage interns from the likes of Stanford and Waterloo are now reaching out to us, asking, 'Who can you get us from Bennington?' Andrew Cencini, Computer Science Faculty

Campaign Impact

The campaign endeavors to provide all students with the ability to select their top choice internship without regard to finances. It will create an alumni mentorship program that will create opportunities for students to partner with alumni in their fields of interest and to learn more about what it takes to succeed.


Public Action

If we don’t take our citizenship more seriously, if we’re not willing to have courage, we won’t leave a planet behind that our kids and our grandkids can live in safely. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, CAPA dedication, September 2011

Campaign Impact

Endowed funds will multiply the impact of our work, ranging from democracy and social justice to public education and environmental health. Additionally, the campaign will establish innovation funds that will provide faculty with opportunities for creative new programming based on current events.


The Bennington Writing Seminars

Bennington has a deep history of fostering and educating visionary writers, many of whom have had a profound effect on American literature. Mark Wunderlich, Director, Bennington’s Writing Seminars

Campaign Impact

By establishing a significant endowment, the writing seminars will have the scholarship resources to recruit the most accomplished and promising students from across the socioeconomic spectrum. It will provide funding to attract and retain the finest faculty and scholars, including graduate students who serve as semester-long mentors.


Financial Aid

Because inquisitiveness, creativity, and intellectual rigor are found in students of every background, we are committed to making a Bennington education accessible to applicants with the potential to thrive here and in the world. Isabel Roche, Bennington College Interim President

Campaign Impact

The establishment of endowed funds in support of student financial aid will provide Bennington with the ability to offer financial assistance to the most qualified students who demonstrate the most urgent need.


Campus Renewal

The environment here is dynamic. That’s part of the pedagogy of space at Bennington. When you see that in the physical representation of your campus—in a place that is so clearly devoted to beauty and detail—you feel that the values in your education are confirmed. Duncan Dobbelmann, Chief Communications Officer

Campaign Impact

Gifts to the campaign will support the creation of 19 new classrooms, a student learning laboratory, and new performance and lecture spaces. New investments will also help support the renovation of the former Brooder building to become a state of the art health and wellness center, and the student center will undergo a renovation and new construction to become a hub for student programming.


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