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Building the Bennington Endowment

One of the most critical ambitions of the campaign is our aim to reach $100 million in endowed funds — representing the greatest expansion of the endowment in Bennington's history. We will build this essential resource in a way that honors Bennington's unique history and pioneering culture. Through strategic investments that preserve and grow the College’s core programs, the endowment will provide Bennington with both surety and flexibility. The significantly expanded endowment will provide a stable and perpetual source of funding to support Bennington's distinctive pedagogy, and it will ensure that the world’s most innovative thinkers and makers are able to push new boundaries.


Faculty Line: $3,000,000
Startup Fund: $1,000,000
Research Stipend: $250,000
Professional Development: $100,000
Equipment Fund: $100,000


Full Tuition + 4 Field Work Term Grants: $2,000,000
Full Tuition + Room & Board: $1,500,000
Museum Term Fellowship (1 student, 1 term): $500,000

  • 1 student x 4 Field Work Terms: $240,000
  • 1 student x 1 Field Work Term (international): $125,000
  • 1 student x 1 Field Work Term: $60,000

Theater Term Fellowship (1 student, 1 term): $60,000


Facilities naming


The campus renewal that is under way at Bennington will transform how our students learn, strengthen the infrastructure that supports health and wellness on campus, and will deepen the College’s ability to strategically invest in the kind of education that builds capacity for agents of change. There are dozens of opportunities to name classrooms, learning labs, dining rooms, lounges, and more within multiple facilities ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000. For more information please visit Bennington’s Campus Renewal website or contact

Current Use

The Bennington Fund provides the College with annual operating resources that support our signature programs and academic features while also providing flexible support for new program opportunities based on current events. With over 2,000 donors annually, current use funds allow Bennington to do what it does best: invest in its students and faculty through innovative programs. Current use gifts can be made at any level, starting at $1! You can support one student’s Field Work Term internship with a gift of $3,000. Donors may choose to allocate a current use gift to one of the many designations below:


Faculty advising
Discipline specific support
Professional Development
Pop-up classes


Financial Aid
Field Work Term Grants
Museum Term Fellowships
Theater Term Fellowships


Public Action
Public Action Grant
Director's Fund
Prison Education Initiative

Writing Seminars
Faculty support
Student scholorships
Director's Fund

Usdan Gallery Exhibition Fund

Visual Arts Lecture Series

The Bennington Review

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