This campaign has given us the opportunity to imagine new and ambitious initiatives. It will provide resources for growth, and investment in our infrastructure.


The world urgently needs institutions that foster restless creativity. Educators who embrace the challenge of the planet’s diversity and complexity. Entrepreneurs and experimenters who bridge differences and find common ground. Leaders who know how to listen. Visionaries who bring art to power.


The Campaign

We have begun a transformative campaign to raise $150 million.

This campaign will secure Bennington's singular brand of education. It will ensure that we continue to bring together the most engaging teacher-practitioners with the most curious, talented, and promising students. It will strengthen one of the signature features of a Bennington education known as The Plan. It will enrich our campus infrastructure, and will connect alumni, parents, and students in catalytic ways.

It is built on a simple premise. The world needs more Bennington.

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The truth is that a Bennington education has never been more relevant. The need for discourse and critical analysis has never been greater, the need to know and understand never more crucial." Mariko Silver, President 2013-2019